The Two Great Towers of Kuala Lumpur

Are you travelling to Kuala Lumpur? Make the most of your vacation by taking a visit to the tallest twin towers and the 7th tallest telecommunication tower in the world- The Petronas Twin Towers and the KL tower. They are an aspiration of the nation and a shining testament that stand more than 450 metres high.

A Tour to the Kuala Lumpur Tower

A tour in Kuala Lumpur is certainly not complete without a visit to the 7th tallest freestanding tower of the world, the Kuala Lumpur Tower. Brace yourself for the second wonder of Kuala Lumpur because this 451 metre tall communications tower is exquisite. The tower was built originally with the intention of television broadcasting. After it became a part of the World Federation of great Towers, the KL tower has been used for several broadcasting needs like free-to-air television broadcast, media telecommunications and radio broadcasting.

The tower was not an easy build. It took three phases to fully complete the construction.

  • The first phase saw to the preliminary stages of excavation of soil, which started in 1991.
  • The second phase started mid of 1992 and this phase dealt with laying the foundation.
  • After a year when the second phase was completed, the third phase of constructing this super tower began.

If you want to have a fancy dinner, the Kuala Lumpur tower’s revolving restaurant could be a great option. It offers a breathtaking view of the brilliantly illuminated city.

Occasionally, races are held where the contestants have to reach the top using stairs. If you want to go to the highest point in Kuala Lumpur to get a wide view of the spectacular city skyline, book a ticket to see the Kuala Lumpur tower.


The Petronas Twin Towers

Encased beautifully in stainless steel and glass, the sparkling tower mirrors Malaysia’s high ambitions which has safely landed it as a global player.

To take a visit to the twin towers, you need to buy Petronas twin towers tickets . There are two ways of purchasing the tickets. The first method is to reach the spot quite early in the morning and grab the ticket. The second way is to buy the ticket in advance online. If you are travelling with your family, and you want to skip the ticket line, it is best that you get your tickets online.

After you have bought the tickets, watch the 3D show where you can loan polaroid glasses. The construction and concept of the twin towers will be explained in details in the movie.

Later, at the security point, a guide will be present to brief you on your tour. You can board the flight from there that will take you to the Petronas double decker skybridge on the 41st and 42nd floor. The visit lasts only for 10 minutes so make sure you make the most of it. Do not be afraid if you feel that the building is moving because strong winds can make it sway to 30 cms.