If you had to prioritize, what particular safety sign would you post in your workplace first? Which one is most important? That’s a difficult question because all safety signs are important, almost by definition.

Nonetheless, throwing caution to the wind, here are our Top 5 Safety Floor Markings. Let’s do the list David Letterman style.

#5: Traffic Control

Traffic Control Sign Examples

Traffic Control Floor Sign Examples

Without traffic signs, what would it be like to drive down the street? Driving (and walking) would be extremely hazardous. The same is true for a workplace with forklifts or other vehicles but no signs. Here are some examples of traffic floor signs.


#4: Eyewash Stations

Eye Wash Kit

Eye Wash Floor Tape & Floor Sign Kit Example

In workplaces that use toxic chemicals or have flying dust or debris, eyewash stations are critical. OSHA has pages and pages of regulations dealing with toxic chemicals, and there are many specific requirements to have eyewash stations.[i] The area in front of an eyewash station needs to be kept clear so that the safety device can be accessed quickly during an emergency. To mark this clearance area, use a pre-measured eyewash station kit.

[i] E.g., OSHA regulation 1910.1450.


#3: Electrical Panel Clearance

Electrical Panel Clearance Tape & Floor Sign Kit

Electrical Panel Clearance Floor Tape & Floor Sign Kit Example

Hopefully, if you ever need to access an electrical panel during an emergency situation, there won’t be a pile of heavy boxes leaning against it. The space in front of electrical equipment needs to be kept clear, OSHA regulations say.[i] There are detailed rules about exactly how much clearance is needed. A pre-measured electrical panel kit can help.

[i] OSHA regulation 1910.303.


#2: Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Floor Safety Sign

Fire Extinguisher Floor Safety Sign Example

As with many safety products, you never need a fire extinguisher until you absolutely need one. Under OSHA regulations, employers “shall mount, locate and identify” fire extinguishers so that they are “readily accessible” to employees.[i] This means that the area in front of them must not be blocked. A fire extinguisher floor sign (or kit) can do the trick

[i] OSHA regulation 1910.157.


And in David Letterman style, the number one safety floor marking is…

#1: Exit Routes

Exit Floor Signs

Exit Floor Sign Examples

Exit routes! OSHA has an entire group of regulations devoted to exit routes and emergency planning. Employers must mark routes for evacuating the workplace during an emergency.[i] Here are some of the types of signs that will help your workforce find a way to safety and not become trapped by a line of flames and a haze of thick smoke after heading down a hallway that looked like an exit.

[i] Part 1910, Subpart E.



All safety markings are important, by definition really. The bottom line is, clear, effective floor signs make the workplace safer.

All of the floor signs and kits illustrated above (and many more!) are available at www.Stop-Painting.com.

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