Have you ever reached into your toolbox for a small Phillips-head screwdriver only to realize you were going to have to dig through the entire toolbox to find it? Maybe you muttered something to yourself and vowed to become better organized. After all, think about how much time is wasted time after time having to search the whole toolbox to find the wrench, nail, or drill attachment you need? If everything was kept in its designated spot, so much time would be saved—not to mention constantly repeated hassle.

Now, compare a toolbox to a warehouse. When it comes to the benefits of being organized, aren’t they almost the same thing? A warehouse will run more efficiently and be a more pleasant place to work if it is well organized.

If you are not already familiar with 5S practices, the workplace-organizing method, it is definitely worth learning about it. Here, to whet your appetite for 5S, are some methods of arranging the tools and materials in your toolbox so that you can avoid wasting time on useless tasks that would be unnecessary if everything was better organized—and in this case we are actually talking about warehouses.

STEP #1: Pallet Jack Parking

Do workers have to regularly hunt around for the pallet jack? That’s a time waster. Mark its home base with a sign.

Pallet jack parking floor sign (available at Stop-Painting.com)

Pallet jack parking floor sign (available at Stop-Painting.com)

STEP #2: Mark Pallet Areas

One of the best techniques for organizing warehouses is to mark pallet locations. How much time is wasted because the pallet areas are not arranged optimally and clearly marked? Also, improved organization can save warehouse space.

Superior Mark™ floor markers

Superior Mark™ floor markers (available at Stop-Painting.com)

STEP #3: Bubble Wrap Area

Bubble wrap has a tendency to wander. Why not designate its place with a sign?

Bubble wrap floor sign

Bubble wrap floor sign (available at Stop-Painting.com)

STEP #4: Give Your Forklifts Some Traffic Signs

Forklifts can crash into walls or pedestrians, which is not healthy for anyone! Traffic signs will help.

Traffic floor sign

Traffic floor sign (available at Stop-Painting.com)

STEP #5: Identify the UPS Shipment Area

In a busy warehouse, it can be easy to mix up UPS, FedEx, and other carriers’ shipments. Prevent this by marking each of the shipment areas prominently.

UPS floor sign

UPS floor sign (available at Stop-Painting.com)

STEP #6: Where Does the Mop Bucket Belong?

Ordinary tasks such as searching for a bucket can waste time. Use a sign to show where the bucket goes. A sign also makes it clear when someone has forgotten to return the bucket, which no one would realize otherwise. The same principle applies to other objects.

Mop bucket floor sign

Mop bucket floor sign (available at Stop-Painting.com)

STEP #7: Identify Where Trash Cans Belong

In some workplaces, the trash cans are constantly migrating from place to place, meaning people have to waste time hunting them down. Use a sign to remind everyone where they belong.

Garbage can floor sign

Garbage can floor sign (available at Stop-Painting.com)

STEP #8: Designate Areas That Need to Be Kept Clear

Tired of having to remind workers “Don’t leave boxes in this area!” A visual signal will help. Mark the floor with the message “KEEP CLEAR.”

Superior Mark™ repeating message floor tapes

Superior Mark™ repeating message floor tapes (available at Stop-Painting.com)

STEP #9: Give Ladders a Home

Nobody will have trouble finding a ladder if the ladders’ home locations are labeled. Otherwise, finding one always involves searching high and low.

Ladder parking floor sign

Ladder parking floor sign (available at Stop-Painting.com)

STEP #10: Create a Pedestrian Aisle

Worried about your pedestrians wandering into areas where they don’t belong? Mark a pedestrian aisle.

Superior Mark™ repeating message floor tapes

Superior Mark™ repeating message floor tapes (available at Stop-Painting.com)

This guide has illustrated 10 easy steps to organize your warehouse that will cut down on unnecessary effort and create a more pleasant, visually self-explanatory place to work. How terrific it would be if our home toolboxes were this well sorted and arranged!

At InSite Solutions (DBA Stop-Painting.com), our mission is not to organize your workplace but rather to provide the highest quality products to enable you to do it for yourself in your own way.

If we can be of assistance, please call us at 866-284-1541.

All of the floor signs, floor tape, and other products shown in the pages of this guide are available for sale at Stop-Painting.com, along with tons more.

InSite Solutions manufactures and sells products for marking workplace floors and pavement. We believe that on workplace floors it makes better sense to use adhesives than paint. Visit us at Stop-Painting.com.

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