How to prepare your business for COVID-19


As advocates for workplace safety, we’ve designed and produced new safety signs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.Using visual cues to help remind employees how to safely navigate the workplace is important to help keep staff healthy — all the time.... Continue reading →
Score! Our carpet tape offers indoor game fun


Superior Mark Floor Tape is not just for facility marking. While it’s true — our Superior Mark Floor Tape is the industry’s top choice for concrete floor marking in industrial settings — we offer the same patented design in carpet tape as well.... Continue reading →
About Stop-Painting and InSite Solutions


By Cliff Lowe, Owner and Director of Stop-Painting/InSite Solutions Sometimes where a person comes from can tell a lot about where a person is going. The same can be said for businesses, especially small businesses. As our business grows and we forge more and more... Continue reading →
Painting a Concrete Floor: The How-to Guide


Do you think painting a concrete floor is a better option than using floor marking tape? We know differently but if you still have doubts, let us show you exactly what is required for painting concrete. We’ve scoured the internet for a how-to guide for painting... Continue reading →
Can Taking A Walk Increase Productivity?


Taking a Gemba walk through your workplace can save you money and increase your productivity. What’s Gemba? Gemba comes from the Japanese word “genba.” In Japanese, genba translates to “the real place.” As “genba” has morphed into “gemba,” its meaning has changed a... Continue reading →
Some Commonly Asked Questions About Road Reflectors


Most of us know road reflectors only as those little objects on the road that glow at us in the rain. Usually we do not give them a moment’s thought—until, perhaps, when the time comes to purchase some. Here are some commonly asked questions. 1. Are road reflectors... Continue reading →
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